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Le Corbusier Armchair

     TheLe Corbusier armchair Le Corbusier designed in 1928, is a one-person capacity sofa composed of an external steel frame and black cushions which serve as the seat, back and side arm rest. Le Corbusier created the sofa with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret and French interior designer Charlotte Perriand. In fact, the Le Corbusier armchair is based on the collection's centerpiece, the LC2 "Petite Lounge" Armchair. The feature that sets the Le Corbusier Sofa LC2 apart from the rest is its external frame, which is made from high quality tubular steel. Rather than being on the sofa interior as found in conventional designs, the steel frame of the LC2 Sofa is placed on the outside and outlines the shape of the couch. The Le Corbusier armchair was first exhibited to the public during the Salon d' Automne art exhibition in Paris, 1929.

Le Corbusier armchair

     The Le Corbusier armchair is an armchair with a polished chrome tubular frame. Le Corbusier was born Charles Edouard Jeanneret, and is widely considered the most important Modernist chair designer in France. As a spirited advocate of Modernism, he created a range of chairs that express his ideals with great sophistication.

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