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Leather or Fabric, Which Do You Prefer?

Furnishing is a kind of artwork that transforms home into a home. People would like to spend time on watching TV lying in a sofa or snuggle into a comfortable bed. Among the numerous of furniture, there are two  basic tyoes of upholsteries to chose, i.e. leather and fabric. Before you even start considering size, shape, style and colour of the furniture you plan buying, you need to decide between leather and fabric.


Modular Tufty Time Sofa


1- Durability

In broader perspective, leather exceeds fabric in durability, though it can get scratched easier than fabric. Also, certain types of leather are susceptible to splitting or cracking, but on the whole, leather furniture conveniently outlasts fabric furniture before it actually needs replacement. Fabric is more likely to stain, fade and wear out than leather.

2- Comfort

Though fabric is no comparison to leather in sumptuousness, leather is more likely to take effects of weather. Some people find leather beds and sofas much colder to touch in winters, just as some of them find hot to sit in scorching summers.

3- Care and Maintenance

When stained, cleaning fabric furniture can often be harder than cleaning leather furniture. It is also more likely to absorb certain odours, such as cigarette smoke, while leather does not catch any type of odours. Dust mites can also be a problem with fabric. However, some fabric furniture is available in changeable exterior covers that, which makes cleaning them a bit easier. Leather on the other hand, is resistant to most stains. More often than not, all it needs is gentle wiping with a damp cloth in the name of maintenance. This is also one of the reasons behind increasing inclination of people towards leather beds and leather sofas in recent years.


Charles Sofa


4- Variety

There is a fine variety of leather furniture available in the market nowadays with black and chestnut being the most sought after hues. However, it is no match to variety of colours and patterns available in fabric furniture.

5- Cost

Different varieties of fabric and leather furniture are available with different price ranges, but generally, leather furniture surpasses fabric furniture when it comes to prices.

This was all that I knew about the difference between leather and fabric furniture. Whenever you will be confused between the purchase of leather and fabric, I hope this post will help you. 

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