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Leather Swan Chair and Fabric Swan Chair Which One is Better

Arne Jacobsen designed The Swan as well as the Egg for the lobby and lounge areas at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, in 1958.At present, to kinds of materials used widely ,leather swan chair and fabric swan chair , many people don’t know should choose leather swan chair or fabric swan chair ,so ,which one is better between leather swan chair and fabric swan chair ?

Actually ,no one could give a exact answer .The leather swan chair including Italian leather and Aniline leather swan chair are genuine leather swan chair ,both of them have good feeing when you touch them ,they are soft and comfortable .Maybe the leather swan chair is more easier to clean up .

Perhaps some of people more like fabric swan chair , it more ventilated they think .

In a word ,different people have different feeling ,just choose what you like ,your favorite is best .



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