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Living Room Modern Sofa Design for 2018/2019

Speaking of living room design arrangements there few main guidelines which you may already have noticed: The inspiration drawn from vintage pieces of furniture is to be noted almost everywhere. And we speak of inspiration the usage of new materials, new technologies and aesthetics to rethink and give a new life to a time-proven design. And that’s making the word of interior design a richer and more entertaining place – many of these new designs have confidently dotted on different epochs, taking up ideas, patterns and solutions of the 1940s and 1950s or the 1970s and that is bringing great variety and exuberance of shapes.


But notice, this rethinking, and reincarnation of furniture design, shows its unique contemporary direction: the sofas are expanding and extending too, seating arrangement are big and fluffy, seats are made to fold over and swivel until you are lying. Inviting comfort and leisure the new trend of overly big, puffy and lazy looking sitting arrangements and sofas is somewhat an expression of the modern day life – where people come home after a busy day and want to lay, relax and feel snug. But do so in a luxurious and chic atmosphere. So that’s another trend observed in the interior decor world: walking amongst the booths of the exhibition one is dazzled by the gleaming gold, smooth velvet, and exclusive materials, seductively shimmering colored glass and finely brushed metal that constitutes the feature of interior decor living rooms design. Sophistication is certainly ‘the rage’ in the current interior design world. Indeed, the trend toward elegance is perceptible everywhere. Just like the Togo Sofa.

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