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Looking the Ideal Layout for Your Living Room

how do you lay out your space so that it’s beautiful and functional? We’re spilling our secrets here and giving you the inside scoop on how the professionals do it - because we think everyone deserves to live beautifully.

When selecting your layout, orienting elements are a great place to start. There are certain architectural details that beg you to lay out your space to highlight them. Fireplaces, breathtaking views, or bay windows are all asking to be showcased by your design. Another orienting element could be a TV if you’re planning to watch all the big games in that room. Sometimes, though, a room is just a room. In this instance you may have a lot more freedom to position your furniture.

sofa and chairs

Whether you have an orienting element like a fireplace or a more simple blank slate, here are some of our favorite layouts

The Side Order is a super versatile layout that works especially well in smaller spaces. In this layout, the sofa is flanked by two accent chairs, creating a cozy conversation space. This arrangement also works well in open concept spaces where you don’t want to restrict conversation or flow of traffic between different areas.

Pro Tip: Avoid an overly symmetrical look by varying the accessories you use in the space, opting for different materials and heights to add interest and depth.

The Face Off. In this setup, you set two sofas facing one another, oftentimes centered on an architectural detail. We love this setup because the symmetry of two sofas brings a sense of harmony and balance to the space while allowing for a focal point like a fireplace to stand out. It has a substantial, stately feel and creates a flexible amount of seating for entertaining.

Pro Tip: Match the sofas for a more traditional, subtle look, or mix up the shape and materials for a more eclectic vibe (we love leather paired with a textured fabric like linen or velvet).


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