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Mart Stam S33 Chair Wholesale from Factory China

S33 Chair


Mart Stam S33 Chair Yadea item Number: KC007 

Size of it: W50*D64*H84cm
Designer: Designed in 1925 by the Dutch architech Mart Stam
Description: Our KC007 Mart stam S33 dining chair is made of stainless steel tube and saddle leather.
Colors of leather available: White, black
Package of the chair: 54*85*94cm(2pcs in one carton)
Specification of steel tube: 25*2.0mm round tube
Loading capacity: 112pcs/20feet, 288pcs/40HQ
Advantages and Benefits:
1. We use stainless steel for the tube which are durable, not like some other factories which use iron with chrome for the frame of chair, it is not durable. Stainless steel tube can be used more than 10 years , iron with chrome just can be used for one or two years.
2. We put solid iron rods inside the tubes at the corner parts, in this way the chair can support very heavy people to seat on it and not lose form.
3. The S33 Chair are packed in 2pcs/carton to save space,it can save the transportation fee
4. Thick saddle leather can support heavy people and it is very comfortable to seat on it.
Note: 1) Warranty for 2 years from the date of purchase. 2) HD photos are available.
S33 Chair
Keywords in the article: Designed in 1926, the Mart Stam S33 chair is made of stainless tubular frame and uphostered leather.

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