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Mid-century Office Chairs Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair


It was 1924, modern commercialism was well under way. Eileen Gray introduced the Bibendum Chair inspired after the Michelin Man. This iconic pop art was Gray’s signature design and it does more than just look good. The back and armrests are designed after plush tubes. The sitting experience is one of being surrounded in comfort while receiving a big modernist hug.


Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair

The Bibendum Chair is Eileen Gray’s pop art take on the commercial icon the Michelin Man. The whimsical sense of the design is not typically seen in her work. Eileen was well known for classical pieces and structured tubular steel designs. The Bibendum Chair is a fully proportioned chair, extremely comfortable for lounging. It looks as you imagine for a chair designed after the curvaceous advertising icon. The base resembles the famous Eileen Gray 1027 Table.
Like the original, the Yadea reproduction features an inner Solid wood seat frame. Chromed bent #304 Stainless steel tubing forms the base. The cushions consist of multi-density foam wrapped in ample Dacron. Pure, soft, Top Grain Aniline Dyed leather was selected as the upholstery of choice and covers 100% of the entire Bibendum Chair. This premium reproduction details the shape, dimensions, curves, and quality materials used in the original.
Bibendum Chair
A small percent of the world’s leather supply is of high enough quality for 100% Top Grain Aniline upholstered furniture. Aniline Dyeing is the process of soaking the hides in transparent aniline dyes which allows color to absorb into the natural hide. Top Grain Aniline leather is then topical stain protected to minimize liquid absorption during every day use but does not require imitation grain stamping methods which imprint a Faux grain over the majority of the leather surface. Without all the synthetic topical coatings, it breathes naturally making it comfortable for seating. It is soft, supple, durable and pliable, maintaining the characteristics of pure leather.
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Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair
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