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Minimalist Living Room Ideas

There's a reason why minimalism is having such a major moment in the design world when done right, it results in a clean, calming space without being boring. Minimalism calls for thoughtful curation and clutter-free spaces, both of which extend beyond the visual and actually result in more calming, livable, and nurturing environments. This is particularly appealing for a living room since it's where you, you know, live. So we gathered three minimalist living room ideas to help you bring the style to life at home. Read on for tons of designer examples and decorating ideas for minimalist living rooms, both big and small—and tips on how to make them work in your own space.

living room chair

Pay Attention to Scale
Minimalism and small-space living get along beautifully. There are a few swaps you can make to get the most out of every usable inch. For example, opt for a settee instead of a sofa or sectional and stack nesting tables instead of getting a bulky coffee table.

Use Muted Colors
If you modern minimalist design but don't want to give up on color, The materials and finishes used are pared back to a monochrome palettes, allowing the heritage detailing and foundations to stand beautifully as they are. Then, they introduced dynamism through a muted rose carpet and inky midnight-hued arm chair.

Mix Different Styles
Here's a lesson in monochromatic decorating with soul (except for that green pillow, which is the perfect pop of personality). This Parisian apartment is blends of simple modern decor with Neoclassical roots. While the bones of the space evoke a grand sort of opulence, the plush Moroccan rug and spacious white sofa feel more approachable. Proof that minimalist spaces can be dynamic and warm.

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