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Modern Furniture That Appear in TV Series

The development of technology, which drive social progess, film and TV industry also entered into a new age. Different types of film work emerge in endlessly, audience who have seen countless movies and TV series present higher requirements on the quality of films. We can regard it as a kind progress, which improved the quality of films indrectly. The actors play a very important roles in the TV series, and scene decorate is also important. Certainly, we won't talk about the movie this time, just want to talk with the classic furniture that appeared in TV series or films.


LC2 Sofa

If you had a good understanding on modern furniture or being careful enough, then you would find many familar furniture in some films. Last time around, i found a elegant leather single sofa that we often call it Le Corbusier LC2 leather sofa in a MV. The seat and cusions of Italian style sofa are upholstered with geniune leather that is suitable for the scene.


Le Corbusier LC2 leather sofa

Actually there are also many films that has usded some modern furniture, like chaise lounge chair, coffee table and so on. Maybe you probalely hadn't noticed the details, so through my 'warning', then you also can try to find out your familar furniture when watching the TV series, which can be regard as a joy.

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