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Modern Icons: The Noguchi Coffee Table


                     The Noguchi Coffee Table by Isamu Noguchi (1948) in three colors:Black, Walnut, Natural. Made with solid ash wood legs and 19mm tempered glass.

                     The Noguchi Coffee Table is made of 19mm transparent tempered glass and 2 interlocking solid ASH wooden legs.

                     This is a classic brilliantly simple design.A true reproduction of the original by Isamu Noguchi, the famous Japanese American sculptor who was born in Los Angeles. It was originally created in 1944. The brilliantly simple design consists of only three elements, the glass top and two interlocking wood base pieces. The table is an extraordinary harmony of form and function.

The Noguchi Coffee Table

The sofa has its own spot between classic midcentury pieces such as a Noguchi Coffee Table and more contemporary.


The Noguchi Coffee Table

love the Noguchi Coffee the whole room


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