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Nelson Coconut Chair


            Introduced in 1955, the Nelson coconut chair is one artifact of the burst of creativity issuing from George Nelson's design studio and changing the look and feel of American furniture. Once our founder, D.J. De Pree, convinced Nelson to become his director of design, a warm personal and professional relationship between the two led to a stunning range of products—including the Marshmallow sofa and the first L-shaped desk, a precursor to today's workstation. And this chair.

            If the idea of sitting in a coconut slice makes your back tense up, sit in this one. George Nelson said he developed the chair "to give lounge seating comfort, together with great freedom of movement." He succeeded. With its shallow sides and inviting curves, the chair is designed to let you sit in any position and move with surprising, and relaxing, ease.

Nelson Coconut Chair

Nelson Coconut Chair

            item CF062.
            Nelson Coconut Chair is one of our best sellers. Increase your auditory awareness with this regulating piece of comfort. Sit peacefully in the Chinese Hat Chair as the powerful portrayal of life is lived around you. With a supportive steel base and triangular foam cushion upholstered in fine aniline leather, develop your sense of equilibrium as you expand your emotional breadth to the greatest possible extreme.

            Upholstery: Italian leather and aniline leather.

            Aniline leather sell more.

Nelson Coconut Chair

Nelson Coconut Chair


Nelson Coconut Chair

Nelson Coconut Chair



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