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                It’s a chair. Well, a screen print of a chair. But this chair has a history. It’s a story of international intrigue, one man’s desperate attempt to showcase his country to the world, a symbol of a new era of design, and a copyright battle that continues to this day. This Stretched Wall Art: 1929 in Scarlet is a piece of design history floating right there on your wall.


 red nice looking barcelona chair


                It’s called the Barcelona Chair, and it was designed in 1929 by Mies van der Rohe to be shown in the German Pavilion at the International Exposition of 1929 in Barcelona. It embodied the newly emerging design aesthetic of modernism, and it was intended to show the world Germany’s cultural capacity. It was well-loved, and after the patents expired, Knoll purchased the rights, and they have had copyright problems ever since, the latest case being from 2008.


Barcelona chair-Black Aniline Leather


               The Barcelona Chair is perfect for any office or home environment in either a contemporary or traditional space. The chair is a mix of leather surfaces that are both traditional and luxurious, and a strong stainless steel structural frame for the modern touch, which is reassuringly heavy.


Barcelona chair-light brown aniline leather


               Classic Barcelona chair Gift 100% Italian leather.So what makes our Barcelona Chair Gift different? Here are some key Barcelona Chair Gift differences:Yadea Barcelona Chair Gift is manufactured with quality and integrity and is commonly considered the best Barcelona Chair Gift on the market. 


               · Our pavilion chair (stainless steel ) is made of Solid polished stainless steel 3cm wide flat steel frame ,frame thickness 10mm or 12mm for chioce. 


                · Our Ludwig mies van der rohe mid century chair's Coverings made of individually stitched and piped square top italian leather pieces.  


                · Frame of mies modern comtempory chair is connected with 4cm wide cowhide saddle leather.9 pieces for the seater cushion,8 pieces for chair.7 pieces for the ottoman. 


               · Rohe's barcelona Cushions upholstered by short double-layer leather belts with buttons attached to the frame. 


               · The cushions of van der rohe furniture themselves are made from a durable high density foam - not from inferior foam that loses its shape within months 


               · The polished steel frame is of a very high quality at chair type, not chromed or chipping inferior materials on knoll Barcelona chairs. 


               · Knoll barcelona chair in red italian leather finish from china. 


 Barcelona chair in White


               Our Barcelona Chair is a good gift to anybody, including good friends, classicmates, family,colleagues. Barcelona chair Gift would be a surprise, and make them very happy. 


 Barcelona chair and stool- Dark Brown Aniline Leather




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