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Nine Advantages


1.During the past 8 years, the top sellers manufactured by Yadea have been well-received all over the world, and have brought to Yadea optimal sales volume, and more than anything else, earned Yadea long-standing reputation for quality and excellence.


2.YAdea has invested a significant amount of time and capital in product developments--  original models were painstakingly studied, and close attention were paid on the materials and manufacturing techniques. The goal was to restore the original pieces, and the outcome is products with exceptional quality and details true to the original!


3. Yadea only hires the best and most experienced technicians, and ensures nothing would compromise product quality and standards.


4. Yadea uses only 100% environmentally friendly materials in all products.


5. Since its establishment 8 years ago, our department of Quality Control has set up a systematic testing/review standards and procedures that could minimize defects, improve, and stabilize production. Currently, we are able to eliminate product deficiencies to less than 1%, and for the 1% issues reported, we are able to provide appropriate solutions to the complete satisfaction of our clients.


6. Yadea has a well-established logistic system that delivers professional and timely export/import services in a way that accommodates the specific needs of our clients worldwide and conforms to the destination countries' import and export regulations. For example, as an commitment to conforming to international standards, we strictly perform fumigation procedures for all our shipments containing woods.


7. All Yadea products are professionally and securely packaged using only quality packaging material and product-appropriate methods. Our packaging withstands all types of heavy handling and even severe accidents during shipping, and makes sure our products arrives any destination in the world without sustaining damages.


8. Yadea insists on using only the highest quality material available on the market (i.e. Aniline leather, high density foam and stainless steels), even it means sourcing these materials out from other countries.


9. Yadea boosts a professional team of the most experienced, bilingual or even trilingual sales representatives. Equipped with a depth of industry/product knowledge, excellent customer base, and efficient communication capabilities, our team is ready to provide you with excellent customer services for years to come!


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