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One of The Most Popular Sofa on Instagram


In early May, we have developed a brand new sofa design named Camaleonda sofa that was designed by Mario Bellini. At beginning we would not know its value and potential so that we just regard it as a regular sofa design to expend our product line. After weeks of hard work, we remake the Camaleonda sofa set which include two different pieces. When it was present to us at first time, we all thought that lots of people would like it because of its unique characteristics.

Camaleonda is a kind of
modular sofa that allow you freely combine the little pieces according to condition of your living space. It's also much more different from the Italian sofa you have ever seen, this is manufactured with an innovative system of cables, hooks and rings that also can be regard as a kind of metal decoration. It's really a great sofa design.



And we uplod the photos of the sofa to Instagram to share the amazing work with others. As a result, there are so many like the sofa design and would like to pucharse one for themself. As a brand new sofa design, being popular so quickly is unusual. It means that there are somethings special attract us, which is the design and architectural element .

The Camaleonda sofa is capable of transforming the landscape of the interior it inhabits. it is this chameleon-like nature – the ability to constantly change – that gives the sofa its timeless quality. it adapts to evolving taste and needs while being unlimited in terms of modularity.

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