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Our replica Wilhelm Wagenfeld Globe Light are inspired by Wilhelm Wagenfeld


                 Wilhelm Wagenfeld (April 15, 1900, Bremen/Germany; May 28, 1990, Stuttgart/Germany) important German industrial designer of the 20th Century. Disciple and teacher of Bauhaus. He designed glass and metal works for the Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen, the Vereinigte Lausitzer Glaswerke in Weißwasser, Rosenthal, Braun GmbH and WMF. Some of his designs are still produced until these days. One of his classics is a timeless tablelamp, known as Wagenfeld Lampe, 1924, which he designed together with Karl J. Jucker. In cooperation with Charles Crodel his works found their way in exhibitions and museums all around the world.


replica Wilhelm Wagenfeld Globe Light

replica Wilhelm Wagenfeld Globe Light

                 The Wilhelm Wagenfeld Style Globe Light is a high Quality reproduction in the style of the original design. 

                 The Globe Light was undeniably one of the pioneers of German industrial design.

                 Many of his clear, functional designs went on to become classics of timeless beauty - like this Bauhaus lamp, which Wagenfeld created as a twenty-four year old student at the Bauhaus school of design.

                 The name Wilhelm Wagenfeld  is only used to describe the characteristics of the goods made to the original design, and not as a trade mark.

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