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People Love Leather Furniture For Good Reason-part two

     Made from animal skins that have pores throughout them, leather furniture breathes through the pores in its surface. Genuine leather will not become sticky in the summer and is one of the most comfortable materials for your skin. So long as the leather furniture is cleaned and conditioned regularly, the leather will also not be brittle in the winter unless temperatures drop far lower than is normal in a household.

     Another big advantage of leather furniture over upholstered varieties is that leather itself ages very well indeed. Developing what one might call a weathered look", leather takes on a patina as the years roll past. In fact, leather furniture actually looks better as it ages while upholstered furniture just fades and looks aged.

    Of course, leather furniture must be cared for in order for it to age properly and stand the test of time. It is important to keep the pores in the leather free from dust so it is necessary to dust the leather furniture once a week. That way, the leather cleaner and conditioner can get down into the pores and keep the material soft, pliable, and well preserved. Plan on using a leather cleaner 3 times a year or so in order to prevent premature cracking or peeling that results from improper maintenance. But, with proper care, you can continue to impress your neighbors for many years to come while being able to enjoy the soft feel of leather the whole while!

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