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Replica Noguchi Table - Noguchi Table designed by Isamu Noguchi


                   The Noguchi table is a piece of modernist furniture first produced in the mid-20th century. Introduced by Herman Miller in 1947, it was designed in the United States by artist and industrial designer Isamu Noguchi. The Noguchi table comprises a wooden base composed of two identical curved wood pieces, and a heavy plate glass top.

                   Where to buy the Replica Noguchi Table?  Try to look China Yadea's Replica Noguchi Table.Our Replica Noguchi Table is use  75" thick glass.


Replica Noguchi Table

Replica Noguchi Table


                   Our Replica Noguchi Table Select Color: Walnut, Black, Natural Cherry, White Ash and so on.

                   Replica Noguchi Table Dimensions: 51.2″ long x 35.8″ wide x 15.7″ Tall


Replica Noguchi Table

Replica Noguchi Table


                   As side tables, this work of art appears to hover in the air, floating atop the sturdy and beautiful ash hardwood frame below. No matter the function, it is a table worthy of a second look in any room of the home or will perfectly complement your living room.


Replica Noguchi Table

Replica Noguchi Table



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