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Scandinavian furniture – A cozy Nordic grace


Today, Scandinavian style furniture is famous all over the world. This design interior direction is characterized by simplicity, functionality, comfort. The basis of the style is interior items made from natural materials of light pastel colors. Furniture by design is very comfortable, functional, simple.

Distinctive features of the Scandi style
The following points characterize the Nordic Scandinavian style:

A lot of free space;
A large number of light sources;
Materials are used mainly of natural origin;
Light textile;
In the living rooms there may be a cozy fireplace;
Decor elements and home decoration are simple, concise.
The climate on Scandinavian homeland is rigid, so the designers tried to convey the atmosphere of freedom, lightness, and purity. The Scandinavian style involves the filling of space with natural light. Floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers help to illuminate the room.

Wooden light-colored window frames are typical of the style, but plastic is used in the modern world.

Curtains are rarely used. Sometimes there are light and airy curtains that transmit natural light well. Materials such as chiffon, silk are best suited for them – it is the simplest, most concise product, without frills, bows, and sparkles. The length of the curtains can be different. Also, there are blinds and roller blinds.

This style came to us from Scandinavia and combined the helpfulness of every detail and their rationality.

Scandinavian style furniture is made of wood in combination with metal, glass, and weaving. Usually, as a color scheme of furniture, calm muted shades are used, for example, milky white, beige, sand, light brown.

Complex shades harmonize well with this furniture design. An ideal option would be to include bright turquoise or amber in the overall picture. But white in the Scandinavian style remains the main one.

The Scandinavian style of furniture is formed not only based on color and material, but also in the form of objects. This is usually a rectangular design. A frame facade can restrain strict design.

All Scandinavian furniture is very roomy and functional. Usually, due to its practicality, furniture creates the opportunity to use it easily.

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