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Seashell ploum sofa – a little extravagance


The times when the sofa in the living room was the backdrop for other furniture, i.e, had a neutral color and an unobtrusive shape, were gone forever. Already several past seasons have shown that it is worth making an interesting sofa an important guide for the design of the entire interior. The past years were a period of domination of furniture in the style of Chesterfield and Art Nouveau of the middle of the century, as well as velor models in bright colors. In 2020, they will continue to be fashionable, but at the same time there will be strong competition in the form of sofas-sinks, which are covered with velour. These three- or two-seater sofas on metal or wooden slender legs-sticks will especially please lovers of good design around the world. Their biggest advantage is the upholstery, each of which ends in a semicircle. This furniture is so characteristic that only those people who do not like to often change the interior design should buy it. Why? Remember that multi-colored velvet sofas, although they correspond to different styles (for example, glamor, French, English, but also new scandi), will be a good background only for selected additions.

ploum sofa


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