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Shanghai Second-hand Shop of the Home & Interior


                  1. Shanghai Second-hand Shop, 604-605 Jianguo Xi Lu, near Anting Lu.
                  Our favourite thrift store in town, opposite Cotton’s on Jianguo Lu, stocks everything from antique watches (from 65RMB) to full-length mirrors (from 50RMB) and bright orange ’60s-style chairs (550RMB/four). The condition of the items varies, but there are plenty of bargains to be had, such as vintage luggage trunks (from 200RMB). We also love Fuwang Market (269 Yuntai Lu, near Shancheng Lu), but this shop gets the nod for being easier to navigate.

                  2. Taobao

                  Taobao isn’t perfect. It’s hard for people who don’t read Chinese to use, and made even harder by Chinese banks that seem hell-bent on obstructing online transactions. Buying items without being able to see them up close means you risk ordering clothes that don’t fit, incompatible electronics, and items that are just plain worthless. But Taobao is also the place where shoppers can reap the benefits of three of China’s great strengths: its mammoth manufacturing machinery, cheap postage, and flagrant disregard for intellectual property rights.
                  The selection of goods and brands available has lead to countless ‘Taobao has everything’ gasps, prices are unbeatable, and thanks to the power of consumer comments, the service is, on average, more polite than most offline stores. There are several guides and agencies to help you use Taobao, and ways to get around interacting with banks, for instance by picking up Taobao charge slips from post offices or convenience stores.
                  You might argue that Taobao isn’t exactly a shop, but it’s a single shopping destination whose thousands of creative and committed shopkeepers demand a spot on this list. For us, that spot is number one.


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