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Sofa 2020: The Most Trend of Color


Sofa 2020: The Most Trend of Color

Interior are constantly changing, and so do the sofa design. You don't need to replace your sofa every season, but at least you should know the trend. And this time i would like to let you know the most trend of color for the sofa seatings.
What colors of sofas will be the most fashionable in 2020? Manufacturers of upholstered furniture focus on natural colors of various shades. As a result, in their offers you can find sofas in such colors as:

pastel blue;
powdery pink.


For interiors with character, you can choose soft sofas in bright colors, such as:
emerald green;
dark blue;
deep purple;
mustard yellow.

There is also no shortage of proposals for the hottest shade of 2020, that is, coral pink (namely live coral), which was announced the Pantone Institute’s color of the year. And what do you think?

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