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Annie is a longtime secretary/receptionist for two senior vice presidents at a big wholesale Chinese furniture company. They have been doing a lot of hiring lately, and almost all of the new middle-management personnel have been interviewed by one or the other of Annie's two bosses, so naturally they come through her office first.
  Some of these people are unbelievably rude. Either they treat Annie like a piece of furniture (no hello, no eye contact) or they think she is their errand girl. Lately, Annie's two bosses have started asking her for her impressions of job candidates. So far this week, two have been discourteous and dismissive, so Annie gave both the thumbs-down. Neither is getting called back for the next round of interviews.
  No one knows how common this is, but if you are job hunting, it's necessary to be aware that the dummy at the reception desk may be anything but not "just a secretary".
  Suggestions to Job Hunters
  According to Annie Stevens and Greg Bostonian, two partners at a Boston-based executive coaching firm called Clear Rock, it's not unusual these days for a hiring manager to ask everyone who meets a potential new hire to give an opinion of him or her. "One of the biggest reasons so many newly recruited managers fail in a new job is their inability to fit in and get along with the people who are already there," says Stevens. "So employers now want to get staffers' impressions right at the start."
  Adds Bostonian:" A lot can be learned from how candidates treat receptionists. If the jobseeker is rude, condescending, or arrogant, this might be an indication of how he or she would treat coworkers or direct reports."
  Obviously, anyone looking for a new job would do well not to alienate the person who sits outside the interviewer's door. Stevens and Bostonian offer these six tips for getting off to the right start. Welcome to that for wholesale Chinese furniture.
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