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The Feature of Rustic Style


The Basics
Rustic homes are dedicated to creating a simple, effortless, and nature-forward space. You'll find a lot of similarities between rustic design and the elements of a charming farmhouse-style home. Rustic homes are supposed to be a gathering place, whether it's for a Sunday brunch or a Fourth of July barbecue.

Colors & Materials
Natural elements make a home feel rustic. You'll spy a lot of raw stone and unfinished wood. For wood, choose species like pine, cherry, and hickory. A variety of texture is popular in rustic design, including cowhides, metal, and nubby blankets. Rustic homes are very pattern heavy, especially with ikat and buffalo check.


Rustic furniture has that "lived in" feel to it, meaning furniture is designed to feel comfortable, worn-in, and relaxed. Opt for a distressed leather sofa and accent chairs. Choose a deep sleigh bed or four-poster bed and pair it with a wide wooden dresser.

Decorate your rustic home with pieces that juxtapose the warm interiors. Think: nature- or animal-inspired wall art or sculptures. Look for industrial pendant lighting and wrought-iron shelves. Choose distressed, dark-toned metal hardware for faucets, towel bars, and cabinet knobs. Hang driftwood over the fireplace or a branch above the bed for a finishing touch.

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