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The Winning Formula of Togo Sofa

Not long ago, Yadea received an order from a furniture distributor who is interested in Togo sofa. This can be a new developing project, because we don’t product Togo sofa before this order. So how does the order come? The process is simple, the distributor has cooperated with us for many times about other modern living room furniture. They come to us and asked for the related information about Togo sofa. Although we haven’t produced it before, Yadea have enough ability and experience to develop the Togo sofa.

Finally, they choose to believe us, the trust coms from previous cooperation that show the strength of Yadea. Beside this, we invited them to participate in the production of Togo sofa, it allows them to discuss many details with our workshop staffs and designers so that they can offer effective suggestion for these sofas. Actually, this kind of communication is a process of building trust each other, deepen understanding and make a deal.

If the order of Togo sofa was an accident, it owe to the decision on participation. If it were inevitable, because Yadea have the ability and experience to develop this product, although we have developed many types of new furniture before.

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