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The Florence Knoll Sofa


         It has, instead, become vastly expensive, so much so that it is really furniture for rich people now, and I think that makes a travesty of the original intentions of its creators. In any event, I’ll be running a fair amount of these posts, with sourcing for items you might like to use in your own home, at quite reasonable costs.
         If, for instance, you click on the link at the top of the page and end up purchasing the piece, MCMI will receive a commission on the sale, which will go to help support the blog – a win-win situation for all of us, it seems to me. You get a gorgeous piece of MCM-styled furniture, and we get a modest emolument against expenses here.
         Now, there are many arguments around this issue. Is it fair to the manufacturer, Knoll, which charges twelve grand and up for this piece, to sell this lookalike for a thousand dollars? Probably not, depending on what metric you use for “fairness.”
         On the other hand, the trademark/copyright for this piece is now many, many decades old, and better thinkers than I have made a strong case that the Framers of the US constitution did not intend for that protection to last anywhere near that long.
        I tend to view it from a somewhat different viewpoint: The intention of the designers who created MCM furniture like this was to use the (at the time) new mass production methods and materials to create beautiful, functional, and cheap furniture for Everyman. It was supposed to be (in current parlance) “furniture for the rest of us.”
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