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The Designer and history of Arne Jacobsen swan chair

        The Swan Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958, a danish architect who combined the freshness of Danish style with progressive modernism. He Embraced the whole concept of house design that included the interior as well as the exterior.

        After Arne Jacobsen graduation, his talent became well known, he became the architect of buildings and furniture both in Denmark and abroad.In several cases, Arne Jacobsen’s furniture’s was a part of an overall design of the buildings that he created. The Swan Chair was designed as a part of the interior for the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, which Arne Jacobsen designed in 1957. In this connection Arne Jacobsen also designed the Egg Chair.

swan chair

      The Swan – shapes and forms
      Arne Jacobsen designed the Swan Chair using remarkably fluid lines and light padding. The chair got its name from its, at that time unusual, swan shaped profile.
      Originally the foot of the Swan Chair was made by one piece of aluminum. From 1973, the foot was made by a combination of aluminum and steel. For a short time period, it was possible to get the foot in teak wood, but this model (type 4325) is extremely rare and also less elegant. From 1963, the foot could be purchased with a tilt function. In 1963 Arne Jacobsen also produced a Swan desk chair which comes with a longer foot and wheels (type 3322).
      The Swan Chair is available in many different colors and fabrics/leather and this way the chair is ideal for both homes and offices. As the chair is truly classic, it will complement any interior and retain its style year after year. Luckily enough it is also remarkably comfortable to sit in it.

      However, The original of the Swan chair is too expensive to buy for the fans, so a lot of people are searching for the swan chair for reproduction. In order to satisfy the fan’s demand, Shenzhen Yadea Furniture company have been developed an Swan Chair 100% reproduction true to the original .

swan chair

      The Swan chair made by Yadea factory is with PU foam inside, the swivel base consist of a satin-polished, with a 4- star base in injection molded aluminium. The swan chair upholstered in a wide range of fabric or leather colors.

swan chair

Yadea offer you the 100% reproduction swan chair, but the price is much lower and more valuable than  the original swan chair. It is good to recommend it to you. For more information, pls visit:

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