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The Flornece Knoll Sofa is Very Popular in 2013

     The Florence Knoll sofa is a kind of modern furniture and it is very popular by people around the world in 2013.
     The Florence Knoll sofa designed by Florence Knoll in 1954, it has been upholstered in many different finishes over the years. Our version can be either upholstered with cashmere or Italian Leather.

Florence Knoll sofa

     The Florence Knoll Sofa is constructed from a solid wood inner frame and highly polished heavy gauge stainless steel frame and legs. The arm, seat and back cushions consist of variable density foam and is upholstered in the finest Italian leather. The seat and back cushions are fully welted and tufted to provide superb comfort.
     For the comfortable feeling and graceful surface of the Florence Knoll sofa ,it is popular so much in 2013.

Florence Knoll Sofa

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