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The Full Story of Le Corbusier

     Clearly, Le Corbusier had some very strong ideas about design. But it’s also clear he succeeded in this goal with the LC4, as it remains the best known and most successful of his many well-known furniture designs. As well as the most beautiful, functional, comfortable chaise we’ve ever seen.

     Le Corbusier began – and was better known – as an architect with a very distinctive, spare style. He began experimenting with furniture design in 1928 as an alternative to relying on ready-made furniture created by others to complete the spaces he envisioned and built. The LC4 was one of his first designs, created for a villa in the Ville d’Avray. He later displayed it, along with other now-famous pieces of tubular steel furniture, at the Salon D’ Automne in Paris in 1929. The exhibit, titled Equipment for the Home, caused a sensation in the design world that continues to this day.

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     Today, in fact, you can find Le Corbusier’s sleek, leather and steel designs everywhere, in fine homes and businesses around the world. Many of his pieces have reached the status of Modernist design icons, and still look as cutting-edge as they did when they were first introduced eight decades ago. That’s the beauty of the LC4 Chaise Lounge – and the genius of Le Corbusier.

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