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The Replica Josef Hoffman Kubus sofa was deasigned by Josef Hoffmann


                 Josef Hoffmann (December 15, 1870 – May 7, 1956) was an Austrian architect and designer of consumer goods. Hoffmann was born in Brtnice. Moravia, now part of the Czech Republic.

                 The example of Hoffmann’s strict geometrical lines and the quadratic theme is the iconic Kubus Armchair. Designed in 1910, it was presented at the International Exhibition held in Buenos Aires on the centennial of Argentinean Independence known as May Revolution.

                 Josef Hoffmann's Kubus chair is 100 years old! It's hard to believe that the Josef Hoffman Kubus armchair piece was designed in 1910, a true classic.


Replica Josef Hoffman Kubus sofa

Replica Josef Hoffman Kubus sofa

                 Expect the Replica Josef Hoffman Kubus sofa, more Josef Hoffmann designs include:Josef Hoffmann Hoffmann Nesting Tables,Josef Hoffmann Fledermaus Collection,Josef Hoffmann Siebenkugelstuhl Chair,Josef Hoffmann Purkersdorf Armchair and Table.

                 Hoffmann's Kubus Chair is both a design classic and founding father of the Modernist movement.Our Replica Josef Hoffman Kubus sofa upholstered in full aniline Italian leather, Hardwood frame construction, high quality and confortable foam.Solid wood leg with polised steel piece. Choose from one, two or three-seater models, each built from a solid-wood frame that guarantees a stylish silhouette and geometric durability.

                 If you want buy the reproduction, choice our is right,because our replica Josef Hoffman Kubus sofa is totally ture to the original.


Replica Josef Hoffman Kubus sofa

Replica Josef Hoffman Kubus sofa



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