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The Womb Chair is Popular in Hong Kong

     The people in Hong Kong always know how to enjoy their life even they are so busy ,the Knoll Saarinen womb chairs are very popular by them ,the Knoll Saarinen womb chair is very popular in Hong Kong .
     The Knoll Saarinen Womb Chair confronts traditional design with modern innovation. Reinvent your home or lobby with a new look and feel of an imaginatively-designed piece of Finnish craftsmanship. The Knoll Saarinen Womb Chair, created by the peerless Eero Saarinen as the centerpiece of the Saarinen Lounge Collection, is a marvel of aesthetics, an enveloping semi-circle that has a way of making one feel at home anywhere.
     The Knoll Saarinen Womb Chair, designed in 1948 by Eero Saarinen, continues to be one of the most iconic and recognised representations of mid-century Scandinavian organic modernism. Foam is moulded over a fiberglas shell, creating a single-piece enveloping form that perfectly facilitates a relaxed sitting posture and a sublime feeling of security. Additional seat and back cushions and the coordinating Womb Ottoman (included in the price) provide a further degree of comfort.

Knoll Saarinen Womb Chair

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