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The premium egg chair from Yadea Company looks the same as the original one by Fritz Hansen


The famous egg chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen for the lobby and reception areas in the Royal Hotel in the year 1958. The commission to design every element of the hotel building as well as the furniture was Jacobsen’s grand opportunity to put his theories of integrated design and architecture into practice. The Egg chair is available in a wide variety of cashmere fabric upholstery as well as Italian leather and aniline leather, combined with a four star shaped base in satin polished aluminum. You can have a look at the picture below; this is the original egg chair.



It looks so nice like an art. 

original egg chair

As the egg chair is so popular all over the world. So many factories start to copy this chair. Most of them use fiberglass as shell inside, and the shape is wrong, it looks not nice, for example you can have a look at the picture below:

egg chair in fiberglass, and the shape is wrong

This is not egg chair, the shape is not right, and the material is cheap, it is not durable. Final consumers will not pay good money to buy this chair.

There is one factory in Shenzhen ,China, he has been focusing on high quality modern classic furniture for 13years.He has many nice items, His name is: China Yadea(HK) Company limited.  The website is:


He paid a lot of money to buy the original egg chair to 100% copy from it, and he opened new mould for the shell, it is PU shaped hard foam as the shell inside, the outside is softer PU foam. You can see the Logo of the original egg chair which yadea bought.

You can see the Logo of the original egg chair which yadea bought 

As it is 100% copied from the original, so the egg chair looks really like an egg, see below:

premium egg chair

Except the shape is nice and right. They also use high quality imported cashmere or top grain aniline leather as the cover, it makes the egg chairs look very elegant. The skilled workers make the sewing by hand; the sewing curve is smooth like a sexy lady. When it is shown on website, a lot of people are interesting for “her” and would like to have one asap. If you like, please do not hesitate to send email to: You will get what you want.


Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair


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