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The story about Eames Lounge Chair


Besides the Eames lounge chair, how much do we know about the invention? Let is find the greatest designers how they make the arts.



Ray and Charles Eames Lounge and Ottoman. More Like Otto-woman! The Great Gatsby is a favorite of mine, as it puts me right into the time period that I think I would fit into the best, aside from the fact that women had fewer rights and even the most privileged and educated could have it all destroyed in one fell swoop just by forgetting to take their birth control pill…oh wait, they didn't have any. In the face of those bothersome truths, the fact remains that the styles and influences of the 30's through the 50's just look so well to me.


Please have a look of their house.



Ray and Charles Eames home


One notable woman of the time was Ray Eames, wife and co-collaborator to famed designer Charles Eames. Jointly they produced the Aniline leather Eames Lounge and ottoman. Ray is photographed right alongside Charles working on the Eames chair lounge, now also known under the name of Eames Miller chair. She didn't simply sit back and allow her husband to call the shots; she proactively contributed to both the design and production of the Eames chair & ottoman. Charles confirmed his humility by not taking all the repute for the Eames lounge & ottoman but completely acknowledges his wife for her contribution and help.



Aniline leather Eames chair & ottoman can be seen as a sign of the newly rapidly increasing era of victorious women in the work place. It took men, as soldiers, and women, like Rosie the Riveter, working together to support the war struggle, as it took Ray Eames to complete the Eames Miller chair as we see it today.



Ray and Charles Eames



The Eames lounge chair creation is one of the very particular and one of the greatest works of Charles and Ray Eames. This chair remains an example of one of the top pieces to beamed ever in this field. On entering an office furnished with an Eames lounge and ottoman, a probable client, without even realizing it perhaps, would feel that they were dealing with a real power player.



Ray and Charles Eames

After years of toiling they manufactured this chair for the furniture company they worked for, Herman Miller Ray and Charles Eames chair lounge was a true creative cooperation between a man and a woman in a time when that was scarce. In my mind, Gatsby probably lounged on his Eames chair & ottoman, staring out over the bay at the East Egg, pining for Daisy. Don't worry about my fantasy and the in reality chronological synchronicity of the book and the invention of the Eames Miller chair matching up. I undoubtedly am not. It's about as plausible as a husband and wife getting along for enough time to generate the Eames lounge and ottoman.


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