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Three Sofa Designs of Most Recommended


Interior design is not an easy things for most people, especially buying furniture for your own living space. And when it comes to buying a sectional or sofa, its easy to get overwhelmed, After all there are so many options. Actually most people don't know how to choose a suitable sofa and whether the style of sofa fit other home decor well. So i would like introduce you three popular and fashionable sofa that can be paired with anything.

1. Togo Sofa
A Ligne Roset classic, Michel Ducaroy's Togo has been the ultimate in comfort and style for over forty years. The timeless collection features an ergonomic design with multiple density polyether foam construction and quilted covers, making each piece both visually attractive and physically inviting.


2. Soriana Sofa
The " Soriana" is an Iconic Italian Design piece. It won the Compasso D'oro in 1969. Designed by Tobia Scarpa & manufactured by Cassina in the 1970's, the idea is that to express beauty & comfort by using a whole bundle of fabric or leather held by a steel clamp.


3. Camaleonda Sofa
The Camaleonda modular sofa was designed by Italian architect Mario Bellini in 1971.This all original example has six sections Inc. matching ottoman. Each of the modules attach with rings and carabiners, allowing several configurations.


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