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Top 10 Most Wanted Christmas Gifts 2012


As we come again to that time of year when we all need to give family and friends gifts, You may still be struggling with what to buy. Receiving heartfelt and practical Christmas gifts will definitely put a big smile on faces and mean great Christmas memories. While stores and advertisements are starting to bombard you with Christmas gift ideas, do be careful when choosing gifts so you get the one that fits best!
Then you may ask: “What are the hot gifts this Christmas?” To save you time, we’ve made a list of the top 10 most wanted Christmas gifts of 2012. Just check out the list and have fun shopping!

Top 10 Most Wanted Gifts for 2012 Christmas

1. Apple iPad 2
iPad 2 will probably be on many 2011 Christmas gift lists. It comes with so many great features for users to surf the Internet, watch movies, play games, view photos, etc. and get the most of the Web and Internet. On the downside, iPad 2 is relatively expensive. But, if you are considering buying a creative gift for a best friend or family member, include the Apple iPad 2 to your gift list. If your friends has an iPad/iPad 2, you can have a look at 2012 Top 5 Christmas Gifts for iPad Owners.

2. Amazon Kindle Fire
For the Christmas tablet gifts, Amazon Kindle Fire is a good alternative to iPad 2, selling for just $199. According to many people, the Kindle Fire is the most wanted Christmas gift of 2012. With a stunning touch screen with vibrant colors, Kindle Fire is ideal for reading books, watching movies and TV shows, etc. Preorder of Kindle Fire starts from November 15.

3. A Photo Book
A custom photo book is a great and unique 2012 Christmas gift that many people are looking for. Gather photos from the activities you’ve done together and make a photo book with some scrapbook software to preserve and share the happy memories. Imagine when your friends or family receive such a special book, how surprised and touched they’ll be! Get some ideas from the Internet and start doing the great project! For more photo gift ideas, please turn to Top 10 2012 Christmas Photo Gifts Ideas.

4. Educational Toys for Children
If you have some children and are wondering what to give them this Christmas, just take the educational toys into account! Since most children love toys, educational toys cater to their interest, and at the same time, is helpful for them to learn new things. 2012 Christmas, equip your kids with some interesting and educational toys to let them enjoy themselves.

5. Video games
If your loved one is a gamer, why not give them a video game as a Christmas gift? First get to know what kind of games your friend, brother, etc. like and what game console he has so that you can buy him the game he like and is right for the console. No idea what games are popular? Check out our Top 10 Video Games for Christmas 2012.

6. DVD Movies
DVD movies are always popular Christmas gifts. If your friend’s a movie fan, you can purchase some of the hottest and newest DVD movies for him, such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, Twilight Eclipse, etc. Have a look at the DVD release online and choose the DVD movie according to your friend’s taste! To watch DVD movies on portable devices like iPhone, iPad, etc. simply use a DVD Converter to convert the DVD movies to popular video formats for playback anywhere!

7. Smart Phones
Whether students, business men, professionals, etc. need to keep contact with family and friends and organize their schedules during Christmas, right? So if your friend or family is just lack of a smart phone, consider giving him one this Christmas! It’s not the price tag of the present matters, but your sincerity and care. So carefully select one smart phone that you think your friend or family like.

8. Holidays
Christmas is a shopping season, and also a vacation season! Receiving a trip gift may be wonderful. This Christmas, surprise your friend or family with a trip gift. For example, if your friend has always wanted to go to Rome, then surprise him with a trip to Rome, which will help him realize him dream and make him happier than ever! Well, the trip doesn’t need to be very expensive and you don’t need to include all accommodations.

9. Daily Goods, Clothes, Shoes, etc.
Daily goods, clothes, shoes, etc. can also be good gifts for 2012 Christmas. For men, leather belt, polo shirt, pouch bag, rubber shoes, etc. are all great items as Christmas gifts. For women, trendy bags, flowers, chocolates, high heels, etc. are perfect presents. Generally speaking, this type of Christmas gifts is perfect for people you know very well because you know their likes and dislikes.

10. Gift Card
If you really don’t know what tangible gift that the receiver doesn’t have, you can give him a gift card and let him buy himself whatever he likes. If your friends owns an iPad, iPhone or iPod, give him an iTunes gift card that allows him to buy movies, music, apps anytime he like. If he is a loyal Amazon user, instead, give him an Amazon gift card.

After reading our 2012 most wanted 10 Christmas gifts, are you still at a loss what to buy this Christmas? If you decide to buy something in our top 10 list, just have fun shopping and happy Christmas.

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