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Transitional Living Room Decorating Ideas

After a day of work and errands, we crave a comfortable living room where we can relax. And when we host book club, we want the room to feel exciting and fresh. Mixing materials and styles to create a fun, versatile, and approachable space is how we create our ideal transitional living room. Looking for a little inspiration? Check out our favorite transitional living room ideas below.

Traditional Meets Contemporary

Let's go over the basics. A transitional living room mixes traditional materials (think brass and tufted leather) with contemporary materials (think cane and chambray) to create a lived-in, yet curated vibe. Transitional living rooms are the perfect space for of-the-moment pieces.


Join Old with New

Transitional living room furniture mixes old and new. Think: the tapered legs of a mid-century modern sofa alongside a brass drum coffee table. That note we made about balance? It applies to transitional furniture, too. Feel free to pair masculine pieces (like a leather recliner) with feminine pieces (like a tufted chaise lounge).

Pair End Tables with Your Sofa

If the rest of your room feels warm and soft, choose a pair of concrete, wooden, or marble side tables to hug your sofa. The symmetrical tables will bring an extra level of coziness.


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