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Tui Lifestyle Luxurious furniture to enhance the décor-two part

     The sophisticated collection of luxury home furnishing includes bedroom furniture designed with imported bedding and cotton towels. If offers a five star experience to the user and is designed elegantly for complementing any bed room. The Asian dresser forms part of it that is spacious enough to accommodate the required makeup material or cosmetics. The night tables of the collection brighten place and can be used for reading purpose during night time. The leather accented lamps are a beautiful piece of artwork that can act as decorative accessories during festivals.

     The Tui luxury home furnishing also offers Metropolitan Collection that is designed of pure leather that delivers great comfort and luxury. Rich leather and durable stainless steel are the unique features of the leather furniture that is distinguished from the normal furniture available in the market. The bedroom furniture of this collection is cushioned with high quality bed that offers great comfort to the user. The dining room furniture is eye catching that is a great choice for creating space for taking refreshments. When the guests and friends are invited during festival, the dining room furniture can be used for having lunch or dinner together.
The designer furniture collections also include outdoor furniture that can be great accessories for outdoor area. It can create additional space for the area and a place for entertainment and social gathering. It is designed using durable material that can withstand the extreme climate conditions.


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