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Use the Womb Chair to Make a Cozy Home

     Eero Saarinen designed the Womb chair for Knoll in 1948 after Florence Knoll requested a chair design that would be like a basket full of pillows – something to curl up in. Saarinen had recently won the Museum of Modern Art Organic Design Competition (with Charles Eames) for experiments with bent plywood, and he was keen to continue the development of seating which achieved comfort through the shape of the shell, rather than solely the cushioning.

     He decided to employ fibreglass as a medium. This was in its infancy, both as a material and in terms of the production techniques required to solve specific design problems. A boat builder with experience with fibreglass and resin was employed to consult on the project – the culmination of which was named the Womb chair.

     So,the womb chair is a kind of very cozy furniture ,it will give you a cozy home .

Use the Womb Chair to Make a Cozy Home

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