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What is Sectional Sofa?

Sectional couches or sofas are a common type of seating found in living rooms and dens. Unlike a conventional sofa, sectionals are composed of multiple independent pieces that may be arranged in a number of different positions. This quality helps the sectional sofa to be a more versatile seating solution than the common three seater couch. The exact composition of a sectional couch will vary from one design to another.

In some cases, sectional couches are essentially a two piece set of sofas that may be arranged to form a perfect ninety-degree angle. This was a very popular structure during the middle of the 20th century, and continues to be a favorite for use in casual settings such as dens, home offices, or family rooms. Many sectional couches if modular today are sets of four to seven pieces that may be arranged in a number of different ways. Typically, the majority of these pieces will include a seat cushion paired with a back cushion. One or two pieces will include an armrest on the left or right side. Because the pieces can be used to create everything from a single long seating area to the traditional L shaped conversation area, many people find sectional couches with multiple sections or pieces to be highly desirable.

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Along with the ability to create a number of seating arrangements with the use of a sectional couch or sofa, this type of furniture can also be very practical. Moving the individual pieces can be accomplished with ease, especially in comparison to a heavy single three or four seater sofa.People who choose to live in apartment buildings find that sectional couches often will fit through entry way doors with greater ease, and are certainly less trouble to transport when the apartment is on an upper floor. While the designs and fabric options for sectional couches used to be somewhat limited, it is possible today to enjoy colors and styles that will work well with just about every taste. There are sectional couches available in top grain leather, sturdy olefin fiber blends, and even natural fibers. Colors range from subdued solids to wild patterns. Styles range from utilitarian to elaborate. Sectional couches that are designed especially for high traffic rooms, as well as formal rooms that see limited usage are on the market today.

There are even sectional couches that are equipped with cushion that can be wiped down with simple soap and water. These are particularly functional for enclosed porches or family rooms. From a cost perspective, sectional couches are generally available in the same price range as any good quality sofa. Many models today include such features as an end piece that includes a retractable foot rest, or storage pockets that are ideal for remote controls and magazines. For anyone who wants seating options that can be utilized in different configurations, has a high level of comfort, and is easy to transport, sectional couches are well worth consideration.

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