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What is Transitional Style?


The Basics
Feel like your style can't be defined by just one of these aesthetics? Or do you love rustic furniture but lean toward coastal decor? You're in luck! Transitional style takes the best elements from each style to create one curated look. Transitional homes are all about balance and should feel warm and inviting.

Colors & Materials
Start with a neutral base of muted grays, tans, and off-whites. Layer pops of bold colors like sapphire blue, mustard, and evergreen. Use a lot of texture to create a calm and cozy look. Opt for a soft suede sofa and corduroy lumbar pillows. Choose pieces of furniture that are made with wood, steel, metal, and glass.

Living room furniture

Since transitional design blends contemporary furniture's straight lines with traditional furniture's curved pieces, look for items that have both. Pair a wood table with intricate details with curved, upholstered chairs that have tapered legs. A transitional room should always feel welcoming and should never feel fussy.

For the final details of your transitional home, choose intentional, versatile pieces that don't lean too heavily into any other design category. Consider a fiddle-leaf fig plant, a broken-line rug, and wall baskets.

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