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Vitra and Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair


Many buyers of Eames Lounge Chair need help with chair differences or manufacturer identification because they don't know if they should have a Vitra or Herman Miller chair. They are confused to tell who's the "original" manufacturer of this great classic design.


First, the easiest way for us to help on this confusing subject is to give a bit of historic background.


Over the long history of the chair there have been several authorised manufacturers of it - someone earlier in this thread mentioned Mobilier International as an example. Often these chairs will be significantly cheaper than HM or Vitra on the 2nd hand market, as people assume them to be fakes, but they were authorised to make them when they did. Many companies who were making authorised versions had the plug pulled on them however when Vitra went into am exclusive deal with HM to be the sole non-US dealer.


Still to this day Herman Miller continue to manufacture these chairs in MIchigan, but they now focus their activities outside Europe (predominantly Staeside) and leave Europe & the Middle East to Vitra.


So True Originals are made by Herman Miller in the States and Authorised Originals are made by Vitra in Switzerland.


Collectors of both versions need to be aware that the Herman Miller and Vitra versions of each design actually differ slightly in construction so care is needed to establish exactly which version you are buying.


Bases between the chairs are quite a lot different to tell. The 670 has always had a 5 star base, and the 671 has always had a 4 star base. The Vitra version has one more reminiscent of the Aluminum Contract base, which was developed in 1957/8, about the same time Vitra was getting rights to distribute.


Herman Miller and Vitra Eames Lounge Chair Base


Vitra believes that nowdays people in Europe grow larger bodies than they were when the time first Eames lounger came out. When you look up the dimensions of both chairs, you'll find Vitra is acutally an XL version.

Eames Lounge ChairEames Lounge Chair

The leather from vitra is thicker, but after a couple of years the leather is getting loose around around the cushion. Also it started to crack, although i know how the handle leather.. The HM Leather looks a lot better.


Also the rubber shockmounts on the herman miller chairs are glued as well as they have about 4 or 5 screws. The vitra version is only glued.


The vitra plywood has more layers. Exclude the veneer, the HM chair has 4 layers and Vitra has 7 layers! However, The Herman Miller chairs have veneer inside whilst most of the vitra chairs have a black coatingpaint inside.


To satisfy the needs of the buyers who want mixed features of Eameses from both Vira and HM. Shenzhen Yadea Furniture will be able to manufacture the Eames Lounge Chair with inside veneered and injectiona foam comfortable seating plus 7 layers of plywood with walnut/palisander veneer available!


 Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman

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