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What’s your room lack of


   Do you like this room below? If you like, this story can be over.
If you do not like, let’s go on our journey. yes, sure, I think very few people like to live inside,
I do not like too.
Then, how about this one below?


Jacobsen egg chair

       Oh, what’s inside? It looks fantastic, it makes the room more elegant.

        Let me tell you what it is. It is famous modern classic art named egg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen.
   The Egg was designed as a couch also - though the actual piece was thought to be a figment of someone's imagination, fed by the existence of the Swan-couch. While the Swan-couch is still in production, only a handful of Egg-couches have ever been made. A few were made for the Radisson Hotel, and a few years back, some were made as a "special edition" couch. The price was quite high - about 400.000 dkr, the equivalent of 60,000 USD.
        Oh, the original is very expensive, if you want this chair in your room, but you do not want to pay so much money, what will you do? 
        There are some high quality replica modern classic furniture, Yadea furniture. They offer the furniture in high quality and reasonable, competitive price.

Yadea fabric jacobsen egg chair

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