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Where can I find this Barcelona chairs?


                  Where can I find this Barcelona chairs?“at Yadea. I bought this otwo years ago at their yearly sale. Yadea makes the best quality chair as the leather pieces are cut and then sown together.”


barcelona chair home design photos

barcelona chair home design photos

                  Consistency through complementary colors. Okay, we all know that red and green reside across from each other on the color wheel. The beauty of this combination is that each color makes the other one even stronger. The living room, with strong red colors in the art and Barcelona chairs complement the lime green chair in the dining room. Notice how the simple bowl of apples brings the library color into the sitting room.

                  When you really look at this space, it's basically neutral — the red and black are confined only to a small slice of the room. Yet their intensity makes the scheme read as red and black. I like this Barcelona chairs so much.


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