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Where to buy Eileen Gray side table?


                    Where to buy Eileen Gray side table? Let me answer your question.We are proud to offer a high quality reproduction of the Eileen Gray side table, made to the specifications of the original.

                     Eileen Gray side table was designed in 1927 as a bedside table for the guest room.A perfect blend of form and function, this mid-century inspired table is a minimalist masterpiece that serves as a bedside table, or a side table for any interior living space.


Eileen Gray side table

Eileen Gray side table

                     Our reproduction Eileen Gray side table materials:

                     •  Our reproduction Eileen Gray End Table is made of triple-chrome steel with an extra-wide collar
                     •  Complemented by tempered glass.
                     •  Adjustable height.
                     •  Floor protectors.
                     •  Dimensions: Height: 60cm-100cm, Diameter: 55cm

                     This modern Eileen Gray side table has a sleek look that looks great in any modern living room. Its style is simple and sophisticated, adding instant elegance to your home. You can use our reproduction Eileen Gray side table in the bedroom, riving room or Office and reception.

Eileen Gray side table

Eileen Gray side table


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