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Where to buy white Barcelona chair?


A:             White barcelona chair do u like it ? Reproduction in the style of Mies Van Der Rohe's white Barcelona chair .The white Barcelona chair is one of the most recognised & sought after furniture designs in the world.

               So many people looking at buying white barcelona chairs (and ottomans) for a condo to replace a sofa. They are hoping this will give the illusion of more space and let more light in that the sofa blocks since the chairs or open from the bottom and the sofa is in front of main window.

                   Can you comment on if this would be a good/bad idea in terms of comfort? Can you sit in the  white barcelona chair for a length of time and be comfortable? Is the seating position ok for watching tv (seems to tilt back quite a bit)? My tv is at eye level when sitting on sofa. Or would white the barcelona chair only be good for accent seating? 

B:               I had a great experience dealing with YADEA. I am very happy with my white Barcelona Chair. The quality is excellent & so was the price .YADEA is Available in Black, White or Chocolate Brown and in either full aniline soft leather. 

white barcelona chairwhite barcelona chair

white Barcelona chair


                   The white Barcelona chair is comfortable, elegant, and sleek. the legs of the chair are curved with mirror polished stainless steel. the back legs cross the front legs to form a double curve that supports the seat.

white barcelona chair

white Barcelona chair


                    High density foam cushions are covered with buttoned real leather and placed on the seat and the back by means of saddle-leather straps. The piping is also covered by the real italian leather or Aniline leather.




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