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Wholesale Saarinen Marble Dining Table


                    Wholesale Saarinen marble dining table from China Yadea Factory, we can supply the Saarinen Marble Dining Tables, Saarinen side tables and Saarinen coffee tables.

Saarinen Marble Dining Table

Saarinen Marble Dining Table

                    Eero Saarinen designed this Saarinen marble dining table as part of a larger series of furniture commonly referred to as the Tulip or Pedestal series. It includes coffee tables, dining tables, a stool, chairs, and even an ashtray. Despite the fact that it was designed over 50 years ago, the Saarinen marble dining table remains one of the most popular items in our line.

Saarinen Marble Dining, Side & Coffee tables

Saarinen Marble Dining, Side & Coffee tables

                    Our Saarinen marble dining tables are available in wood, laminate, coated and natural marble and natural granite top finishes. The Saarinen Marble Dining Table that looks good with any chair, modern or traditional. A beautiful sculpture, a piece of art.


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