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Why Chaises in the Living Room Are Better Than Chairs


Chaises (or chaise longues) are so very, very comfortable, and are a nice twist on the traditional recipe for living room furniture: sofa, coffee table, chairs. Their shape is functional and stylish, and these days you can find one to work with any kind of decor.

1.They Make a Small Room Look Bigger
A chaise lounge can help a small room feel larger. They are often backless, so when floating in the middle of the room, it doesn’t take up much visual weight. While sofas and chairs look hulking and large, these say “I am as lithe and graceful as a ballerina dancer.”

Z300_Contour_Chaise_Lounge_by_Grant Featherston

2.They Are More Versatile That Sofas

Sometime traditional sofas just don’t fit in your space. Inevitably one wall is too short, or the sofa back is the first thing you have to see when you enter the room. After you try to figure out the puzzle, try a chaise instead. It’s like theater in the round. There won’t be a bad view in the house.

3.They Make The Best Reading Spots
A chaise is the perfect combination of structure (so you can read upright) and comfort (so you can stretch out). Tell me you don’t want to curl up in the one above and dig into a new novel. It’s nobody’s business if you fall asleep either.

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