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Why buy a Barcelona chair from us?


          We love the Barcelona chair. The design is almost 100 years old and it looks as good today as it always has done. A chair truly fit for a King and Queen. It is a simple question and one which is asked time and time again by people wanting to purchase a Barcelona chair. This site has been created by the Yadea team to enable you, the customer, to make an informed choice.


Yadea Red Barcelona Chair


          Welocome to become our Barcelona Chair Dealers, Barcelona Chair Dealers serve many types of organizations — from small offices to large corporations; from financial services groups to healthcare providers — all of which can benefit from sound masking services.


Yadea's Showroom


          The opportunity to learn, sell and profit is clear, especially because sound masking, like furnishings, has so much to do with how people work in a space.Yadea welcomes the opportunity to provide training and local support so your team can grow by adding sound masking services to its repertoire.From every angle our Barcelona chair looks impressive. Many more photographs of the Yadea chair can be viewed in the Barcelona chair gallery section.

          We at Yadea have been selling these chairs for many years. We believe our Barcelona chair is the next best thing to purchasing a Knoll manufactured chair. This confidence comes from having many happy customers.

          At Yadea we make the following promise to our customers: Our promise to you is very simple, if you do not love our furniture as much as we do we’ll take it back and refund you in full.

          This site sets out to explore everything you need to know about this Yadea barcelona chair. You will find information on the Barcelona chair's history, the era in which it was created (Bauhaus), the people behind the Barcelona chair (Mies Van Der Rohe and Lily Reich), the manufacturing methods employed to create the chair, testimonials from our happy customers and so on and so forth.


Yadea's barcelona chair showroom


          If you still have questions on our Barcelona chair then please call us on +8613510133516. We love our furniture and we love talking about it. Look forward to hearing from you.



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