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Why do you want to buy Barcelona White Chair from us?


Convenience & High Alpha Ville style & Reasonable Price & Worth possessing


    There are large demands on the market for this retro modern classic furniture as living room use or hall decoration as you like.
    The White Barcelona chair was honored with the Museum of Modern Art Award in 1977. Most importantly, we take advantage of its long history to catch popular attention so as to inspire buyer’s interests.
    Durable use: full Italian top grain leather, high density foam and mirror-like stainless steel frame made with excellent craftsmanship.
    Direct shipment to the places where you like to choose with very competitive price.
The price of its original one as followed:
Barcelona Chair : $4,523.00 - $5,569.00 USD     Ottoman : $2,139.00 - $2,629.00 USD
Our price for the Barcelona White Chair & Ottoman: $345.00 USD - $500.00 USD
    Good protection packing: Polystyrene used in inside packing, and good quality cartons for out packing with paper corner protector for the full protection.
    Wide range of sizes and colors for your choices.
    Our thousands of sales records can totally present its popularity.
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