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Yadea makes Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair


The Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair would seem to be prone to copying on account of its quality, but despite a bout of this in the 1990s, this has been legally prevented. The mere fact that there are so many stages in the actual assembly of the Chair seems to have acted anyway as a major deterrent. In a recent US court decision in favor of the Herman Miller Company that still produces it in Michigan; the key characteristics that now define the Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair have been codified clearly as follows:


Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair


             •   Smooth, curved, molded shells: the lounge chair having three shells, the ottoman having one 


             •   The molded shells being exposed from below the ottoman and from the back, sides, and underside of the chair 

             •   The edges of each molded shell being exposed from the front of the lounge chair and ottoman 

             •   Each of the molded shells being shaped like a flattened 'U' 

             •   Each molded shell with cushioned upholstery 

             •   Each molded shell having 'buttons' that create permanent creases in the upholstery 

             •   The back of the lounge chair consisting of two molded shells, connected in the rear by two exposed bars, each bar being angled to tilt the upper molded shell slightly forward of the lower molded shell 

             •   The angled bars spaced from the shells 

             •   Upholstered armrests that extend downwardly into the chair and that connect the two molded back shells to the molded seat shell.


Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair


The left Eames Lounge Chair is made by Yadea, the right Eames Lounge Chair is from Herman Miller.




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