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Minotti Tape Chair from Yadea

Signed by the eclectic Japanese studio Nendo, directed by Oki Sato, Minotti Tape Chair is a collection of seats with a strong personality, characterised by the light silhouette, and consists of a comprehensive range of models: armchair with and without armrests.

With his distinctive ironic approach, the designer overturns the traditional idea of the support feet that come out of the body of the seat, placing them externally to the structure.


Minotti Tape Chair


Tape owes its name to the couture detail, conceived as a piece of ribbon that holds the Light Bronze-coloured metal feet.
A real tribute by Nendo to the sartorial experience of Minotti.
The tape armchairs in the pictures are the high quality replica that produced by Yadea Furniture. Customizable in a wide range of leather and fabric coverings. With its firm formal identity and its impeccable proportions, tape armchair can be a kind of dazzling and practical modern furniture, both in residential and hospitality.Yadea's focus on quality does not end at the factory door - they believe that providing clients with exceptional service is just as important as manufacturing furniture. In
order to make certain Yadea clients enjoy consistently high quality in all Yadea products, they have set up their own test center which monitors products against.


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